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KO MAIN EVENT Boxing Kit (1 10oz Gloves, S/R, H/Wr

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K.O. Main Event Boxing Kit
Everything you need to start your training! These workout kits are complete to begin your boxing or kickboxing program. One pair of 10oz boxing gloves to practice your slips and counter punching as well as hitting the heavy bag or focus mitts. One 9 foot plastic skipping rope for your cardio prior to your workout. One 180 inch stretch wrap to protect your hands This is truely and all in one workout kit.
- 10oz specialty molded amateur padding for added protection
- Made of durable nyles artificial leather
- Single velcro wrap strap. Easy on easy off
- Air circulation holes in palm
- Avaliable in 3 colors: black, blue, and red
- New design
- Includes 9 foot skipping rope
- Includes 1 pair of 180 inch handwraps

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